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  • 27 Jan 2016 10:40
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    Jo Christiane Ledakis just published her first e-book, written under her penname Jo C Ebell.

    WILD SEA-SALT OF LIFE InNerviews with Soul is about a woman’s quest in search of her creative self. About waking up and daring to be. It is a book whose time is now.

    It is about writing. About passion, persistence, and tenderness. About why we hate spiders and, sometimes, ourselves and each other. About struggle, distraction, and focus. About making love under a grizzly’s gaze. About listening. About why we lose keys and find them. About connecting to our power. About hot chocolate and the magic of synchronicity. About the universe’s delight in our daring.

    Lillian, a translator/interpreter, fed up with trading in others’ agendas, longs to find her own voice and become a creative player in her own right. She retreats to a mountain chalet, where she launches a secret technique: ‘InNerviews with Soul’. In a virtual world, she encounters Soul’s powerful symbols and learns to decode their messages, which in turn shake and boost her. Lillian also faces a terrifying run-in in the near-by forest, the attentions of an attractive hunter, and a meeting with death on the road.

    Triumphing over trials and temptations, she conquers doubt, fear and inertia, and writes her book. Lillian discovers her real, empowered self and falls in love with life. 

     You can check it out at

    Christiane also read extracts from her book at the 20th Annual Literary Evening of the UN Society of Writers on the 22nd of January.

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