Passion makes possible!

  • 21 Jul 2016 06:51
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    Deleted user

    Thank you for sharing, Sylvia! I too have had wonderful things happening to me via Twitter. In an age where we often rage against the abuse and negative aspects of Twitter and social media in general (as we should when they become a force for evil), it is lovely to remind ourselves that it can be a force for good too!

  • 20 Jul 2016 18:29
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    Not exactly my own news, although I do have a flash in the 2016 Anthology of the Gascony Writers, but it's news from a group of writers in France who responded to a tweet I sent out on a Vienna workshop I ran. That tweet led to a wonderful weekend in the land of d'Artagnan, sharing, thinking, connecting - well it's all here. It reminded me of the early days of the GWG, where I learnt how to share.

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