second Kindle eBook published

  • 14 Nov 2016 13:27
    Message # 4383782

    Fred Piderit announces the publication of his novella, A Copper's Casebook, Brooklyn 1869-1902 as a Kindle eBook.

    A Copper’s Casebook introduces you to a Brooklyn carousel of humanity--Gallows Joe and Little Egypt, barefoot Catherine and the Parisian Jenny Dolle, William King, cracksman par excellence, and a chorus of bookies and shysters, kidnappers and thieves.  “Brooklyn’s finest” track petty thieves in the dark of night, and maintain law and order during a snow storm. Its chapters are filled with young reckless ne’er-do-wells as well as hardened criminals intent upon beating the odds. Here are stories of corruption in high levels of society alongside tragic deaths of the helpless and weak.

    The narrative is drawn from the life of a police detective, and eventually precinct captain, during the second half of the nineteenth century in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. Martin Short was a typical New York cop. Born in Ireland and brought to America when he was five, he constructed his life upon the values of hard work, integrity, and generosity. During this period of deep rooted political corruption, he earned a reputation for impartiality, integrity and kindness.

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