NEW BOOK: Jacques Roumain Biography

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    Well done!

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    Jacques Roumain: A Life of Resistance

    by Patti M. Marxsen

    This first biography in forty years of Haitian public intellectual and writer, Jacques Roumain (1907–1944), explores his brief life within the context of his times—the American Occupation of Haiti, the rise of fascism in Europe, racism in the U.S., and Marxism. An articulate witness and activist, Roumain exposed injustice through poetry, essays, novels, and short fiction. This thorough examination of his life—based on extensive archival research—retraces his formative years in Haiti and Europe, his study of ethnology in Paris, and periods of enforced exile in Europe, Martinique, Harlem, and Cuba as well as his "golden exile" in Mexico City as chargé d'affaires, where he wrote Masters of the Dew. This biography includes several English translations of Roumain’s works as it presents the complex life of a remarkable Haitian to Anglophone readers for the first time.

    Print Length: 322 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-64382-011-8

    Publisher: Caribbean Studies Press (Imprint of Educa Vision)

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