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Flash Fiction, Children's, Memoir, Personal Development; many articles on Buddhist Psychology and Conscious Breathing Techniques. I founded the internet peer review journal The Healing Breath: a Journal of Breathwork Practice, Psychology and Spirituality.
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NB: has paid 2020 dues twice
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Joy Manné
My Books
Soul Therapy (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 1997). Also out in French, Spanish, Polish, German
Conscious Breathing: How Shamanic Breathing Can Transform Your Life (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2004).
Family Constellations, North Atlantic Books, 2009. First out in French (Jouvence). also out in Italian, Portuguese, Polish.
Voice dialogue in Every Day Life, Create Space. first out in French (Jouvence). Also out in Dutch, Polish.
Buddhist Psychology in Every Day Life, Create Space.
First out in French (Jouvence). Also in Polish.
Conscious Breathing in Everyday Life, CreateSpace. First out in French (Jouvence). Also in Polish
Conceptual Constellations: Constellating Story and Archetype. Create Space, 2013. Also out in Polish

Children's picture books: No, I Won't Go to Bed Tonight (age 4-7; Stinky Goldfish age 5-9), Don't Blame the Dog (age 4 to 100)
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