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GWG Literary Prize 2016 and farewell for the summer

13 Jun 2016 08:23 | Deleted user

11 June was our final workshop for the 2015/2016 season and saw a lively and informative session on new developments and opportunities in publishing in the morning - with gratitude to the panellists Diccon Bewes, Alison Anderson and Susan Tiberghien.

At the evening reception, we were delighted to announce the winners of the Geneva Literary Prizes 2016:

Poetry – judged by Aracelis Girmay

3rd prize:  Patti Marxsen

2nd prize:  Julianne DiNenna

1st prize:  Roschelle Don

Fiction – judged by Geeta Kothari

3rd prize: Bill Lloyd

2nd prize:  Lida Papasokrati

1st prize:  Chris Baball

Nonfiction – judged by Annette Kobak

 3rd prize: Jen Kirwin

2nd prize:  Mary Pecaut

1st prize:  Kristine Greenaway

Congratulations to all of our winners and a huge thanks to Nancy Frazer for organising the event and to Olivia Wildenstein for stepping in to announce the winners on June 11th.

Happy writing over the summer and see you back in September 2016!

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