Conference 2012

Conference 2012 drawing

Artwork by Alice Baudat

For a full programme of the 2012 Conference, giving more details of tutors, details of individual workshops and the Conference timetable, click here.


Conference Bulletin Board

“Why I love the Geneva Writers’ Conference”
by Laurel Zuckerman

“Riches and realizations from Geneva with love”
by Sylvia Petter

“Why are you writing this book?”
by Colin Harrison


Photos by Raad Abdul-Aziz

2012 GWG Conference


 Geneva Writers’ Conference Committee, 2012

Liz Boquet Daniela Norris Susan Tiberghien
Amanda Callendrier Mary Pecaut Pierre-Yves Tiberghien
Katie Hayoz Lang-Hoan Pham John Zimmer
Karen McDermott Bob Piller
Sue Niewiarowski  Jo Ann Hansen Rasch