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    • 12 Mar 2021
    • 19:00 - 21:00 (UTC+01:00)
    • online (via Zoom)
    • 7

    Poetry Workshop

    Friday, March 12, 2021

    From Inspiration to Publication: Editing for Poets

    with Carmen Bugan

    This workshop is for poets who would like to gain an insight into editing their own work, before submitting it to publishers and professional editors. We will look at the three stages of the editing process: the structural edit (where we consider the shape and development of the poem as a whole); the copyediting, or line edit (where we evaluate the contribution each line makes to overall cohesion, and spot issues with grammar); and the proof (where we look for typos, spelling, punctuation, and shape on the page).  The session is open to everyone, and it will be particularly useful to those who are working on assembling a full collection. The participants will bring an original poem for the workshop—“a final draft”—and we will work on creating a “finished” piece.  

    Dr. Carmen Bugan’s books include the memoir Burying the Typewriter: Childhood Under the Eye of the Secret Policewhich was a Waterstones Book Club Choice and serialized for radio as BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. The book also won the Bread Loaf Conference Bakeless Prize for Nonfiction and was a finalist in the George Orwell Prize for Political Writing and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. The documentary film based on the book has also just been released as part of the Astra Film Festival.

    Her collections of poems are: Releasing the Porcelain Birds,The House of Straw, Crossing the Carpathians, and Lilies from America, which won a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation. She is also the author of Seamus Heaney and East European Poetry in Translation: Poetics of Exile, and her book of essays, Poetry and the Language of Oppression, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press. She has a doctorate in English literature from Balliol College, Oxford University.

    • 27 Mar 2021
    • 11:00 - 12:15 (UTC+01:00)
    • Online (via Zoom)
    • 15

    Date: Saturday March 21, 2021

    Time: 11am -- 12:15pm

    Topic: TBA

    Tutor: Carla Drysdale

    Teenagers only (13-18 years)

    Limited places, so register in advance online or at:


    using ‘Teen Workshop’ in the subject line.

    • 17 Apr 2021
    • 10:00 - 12:30 (UTC+02:00)
    • online (via Zoom)

    Non-Fiction Workshop

    Unearthing Our Stories, Journal Writing

    with Susan Tiberghien

    (content TBA)


    Sign up at genevawriters@gmail.com  

    Payments can be made online via the GWG website

Past events

19 Feb 2021 GWG Open Mic Night, Friday February 19 @ 19:00 CET
16 Jan 2021 Teen Workshop (online) Saturday January 16: Writing about Place, with Carla Drysdale
14 Jan 2021 Online Fiction Workshop: Thursday January 14, 2021: Language and Texture, with Tom Bromley
12 Dec 2020 Teen Workshop (online) Saturday December 12:Using the Five Senses with Michelle Bailat-Jones
04 Dec 2020 Friday December 4: (3) The Business of Journalism with Tom Miles et al (round table)
27 Nov 2020 Friday November 27: (2) Lessons and applications of journalism to other forms with Tom Miles
20 Nov 2020 Friday November 20: (1) The Craft of Journalistic Writing with Tom Miles
14 Nov 2020 Teen Workshop (online) Saturday November 14: What we see, writing our world, with Michelle Bailat-Jones
07 Nov 2020 Launch of Offshoots 15 Online: free
10 Oct 2020 Teen Workshop (online) Saturday October 10: Worlds at my Window, with Carla Drysdale
25 Sep 2020 25Sep_2B: Online Publishing Workshop with Tom Witcomb
25 Sep 2020 25Sep_2A: Online Playwriting Workshop with Juliet Gilkes Romero
24 Sep 2020 24Sep_3A: Online Publishing Workshop with Tom Witcomb
24 Sep 2020 24Sep_3B: Online Non-Fiction Workshop with Susan Tiberghien
24 Sep 2020 24Sep_2A: Online Sci-Fi Workshop with Jeanette Ng
24 Sep 2020 24Sep_2B: Online Social Media Workshop with Denise Nickerson
24 Sep 2020 24Sep_1B: Online Non-Fiction Workshop with Colin Grant
24 Sep 2020 24Sep_1A: Online YA Voice Workshop with Olivia Wildenstein
23 Sep 2020 23Sep_2A: Online Agents Workshop with April Eberhardt
23 Sep 2020 23Sep_2B: Online Fiction Workshop with Allison Lynn
23 Sep 2020 23Sep_1A: Online Non-Fiction Workshop with Susan Tiberghien
23 Sep 2020 23Sep_1B: Online Social Media Workshop with Denise Nickerson
22 Sep 2020 22Sep_3B: Online Workshop 2 with Anne Korkeakivi
22 Sep 2020 22Sep_3A: Online Poetry Workshop with Sharon Mesmer
22 Sep 2020 22Sep_2A: Online Fiction Workshop with Betsy Tobin
22 Sep 2020 22Sep_2B: Online Non-Fiction Workshop 2 with Susan Jane Gilman
22 Sep 2020 22Sep_1A: Online Non-Fiction Workshop 1 with Susan Jane Gilman
21 Sep 2020 21Sep_1A: Online Workshop 1 with Anne Korkeakivi
21 Sep 2020 21Sep_1B: Online Poetry Workshop with Carmen Bugan
27 Jun 2020 Saturday June 27: AGM (online event)
28 May 2020 Online Fiction Workshop: with Vanessa Jimenez Gabb
15 May 2020 12th Geneva Writers Conference, May 15-17 2020--EVENT POSTPONED
15 Apr 2020 Open Mic Livestream
21 Mar 2020 Workshop Saturday March 21: CANCELLED
21 Mar 2020 Teen Workshop Saturday March 21: CANCELLED
15 Feb 2020 Workshop, Saturday February 15: The Five Senses with Yun Wei
25 Jan 2020 Teen Workshop Saturday January 25: Creating Character, with Katie Hayoz
18 Jan 2020 Fiction Mini Master Class Saturday January 18: with Jon Steele (limited to 8 participants)
18 Jan 2020 Fiction Workshop Saturday January 18: World-Building with Jon Steele
14 Dec 2019 Non-Fiction Workshop December 14: From Darkness to Light, the Alchemy of Writing with Susan Tiberghien
16 Nov 2019 Poetry Mini Master Class with Carla Drysdale (limited to 8 participants)
16 Nov 2019 Teen Workshop Saturday November 16: Pop-Up Prose and Found Poetry, with Katie Hayoz
16 Nov 2019 Poetry Workshop Saturday November 16: "Feeling a Sense of Place" with Carla Drysdale
19 Oct 2019 Workshop, Saturday October 19: Artful Prose with Mary-Jane Holmes
12 Oct 2019 Teen Workshop Saturday October 12: Finding Poems in the Secret Self, with Carla Drysdale
28 Sep 2019 Workshop, Saturday September 28: Drawing out the Essence with Colin Grant
22 Jun 2019 Saturday June 22: Revising Your Work with Michelle Bailat-Jones; AGM; Lit Prizes
25 May 2019 Workshop Saturday May 25: POV and Voice with Anne Korkeakivi
25 May 2019 Teen Workshop May 25:Writing About Place with Carla Drysdale
13 Apr 2019 Teen Workshop April 13:Writing Fractured Fairy Tales with Katie Hayoz
13 Apr 2019 Workshop April 13:Beauty in Words (all Genres) with Susan Tiberghien
23 Mar 2019 Teen Workshop March 23:The Business of Writing with Olivia Wildenstein
17 Mar 2019 Meet the Agents: One-on-one sessions at Webster
16 Mar 2019 March 16: Meet the Agents (all-day event at Webster)
23 Feb 2019 Teen Workshop February 23: Writing the Image: Adventures in Poetry with Carla Drysdale
16 Feb 2019 February Workshop: Discovering Character with Juliet Gilkes Romero (playwriting/Webster)
26 Jan 2019 Teen Workshop January 26: Breaking the Rules with Katie Hayoz
15 Dec 2018 December Workshop: The Hidden Architecture of Plot with Luke McCallin
08 Dec 2018 Teen Workshop December 8: Worldbuilding with Katie Hayoz
17 Nov 2018 Teen Workshop November 17: Playing With Time with Katie Hayoz
10 Nov 2018 Poetry Mini Master Class with Yun Wei (limited to 10 participants)
10 Nov 2018 November Workshop: What Can Poetry and Fiction Learn from Each Other? with Yun Wei
27 Oct 2018 October Workshop: Telling a Story a Different Way with Mary-Jane Holmes
27 Oct 2018 Teen Workshop October: How Poetry Can Power Your Fiction with Carla Drysdale
15 Sep 2018 September Workshop: Our Words Matter (all Genres) with Susan Tiberghien
09 Jun 2018 Saturday June 9: Panel (Business of Writing); AGM; Lit Prizes; 25th Celebrations
02 Jun 2018 Teen Workshop June 2: Revamping your Prose with Katie Hayoz
27 May 2018 Fiction Master Class Sunday May 27 (now closed)
26 May 2018 Workshop Saturday May 26: morning Fiction workshop with Susan Tiberghien (replacing Petina Gappah who cancelled)
28 Apr 2018 Teen Workshop April 28: Raising the Stakes with Katie Hayoz
14 Apr 2018 Workshop April 14: The Zen of Writing with Susan Tiberghien
24 Mar 2018 Teen Workshop March 24: Where's the Conflict? with Carla Drysdale
17 Feb 2018 Teen Workshop February 17: Point of View with Carla Drysdale
10 Feb 2018 Workshop February 10: Maximizing Creativity and Scriptwriting with Guest Instructor Gabriel Gbadamosi
27 Jan 2018 Teen Workshop January 27: A Cast of Characters with Katie Hayoz
20 Jan 2018 Workshop January 20: Finding the Right Structure for the Story You Have To Tell with Guest Instructor Patti Marxsen
16 Dec 2017 Workshop December 16: Writing from the Dark with Susan Tiberghien
16 Dec 2017 Teen Workshop December 16: Your Story World with Jason Donald
25 Nov 2017 Teen Workshop November 25: To Plan Or Not To Plan with Jason Donald
19 Nov 2017 Master Class November 19: Poetry with Guest Instructor Kathleen Jamie (registration now closed)
18 Nov 2017 Workshop November 18: Poetry with Guest Instructor Kathleen Jamie followed by Readings from Offshoots-14
28 Oct 2017 Workshop October 28: Short Fiction with Guest Instructor M-J Holmes
28 Oct 2017 Teen Workshop October 28: Your Writing Project with Nicolas Grey
27 Oct 2017 Friday October 27: Readings from Offshoots-14 at BBB, Lausanne
23 Sep 2017 Teen Workshop September 23: Writing Goals with Nicolas Grey
16 Sep 2017 September 16, 5pm: Launch of Offshoots 14
16 Sep 2017 Workshop September 16: Finding Your Gold with Susan Tiberghien
03 Sep 2017 Literary Cruise from Morges, Sunday Sept 3, plus Workshops Sept 2+3
17 Jun 2017 Teen Workshop June 17: with Katie Hayoz
10 Jun 2017 Workshop June 10: Dialogue with Susan Tiberghien, followed by AGM+Literary Prizes
27 May 2017 Teen Workshop May 27: with Nicolas Grey
21 May 2017 Masterclass May 21: Memoir with Wallis Wilde Menozzi / now closed
20 May 2017 Workshop May 20: Memoir with Guest Instructor Wallis Wilde Menozzi
22 Apr 2017 Workshop April 22: (please note change of date!) Words Matter, Writing From Your Truth with Susan Tiberghien
22 Apr 2017 Teen Workshop April 22: with Nicolas Grey
19 Mar 2017 Masterclass March 19: Fiction with Romesh Gunesekera
18 Mar 2017 Workshop March 18: Fiction with Guest Instructor Romesh Gunesekera
25 Feb 2017 Teen Workshop: February 25 with Nicolas Grey
19 Feb 2017 Meet The Agents: One-To-One Appointments Sunday February 19
18 Feb 2017 Meet The Agents: Saturday February 18
28 Jan 2017 Teen Workshop: January 28 with Katie Hayoz
21 Jan 2017 Workshop January 21: Theater with Guest Instructor Shaun McCarthy
17 Dec 2016 Teen Workshop: December 17 with Katie Hayoz
10 Dec 2016 Workshop December 10 Dreamwork: Finding Images for Stories, with Susan Tiberghien
26 Nov 2016 Teen Workshop: November 26
20 Nov 2016 Masterclass November 20: Poetry with Guest Instructor Laura Kasischke (class now full)
19 Nov 2016 Workshop November 19: Poetry with Guest Instructor Laura Kasischke
18 Nov 2016 Readings November 18 by Laura Kasichke and Wallis Wilde Menozzi
22 Oct 2016 GWG Teen Workshop: Saturday 22 October
15 Oct 2016 Workshop October 15: Short Story with S Tiberghien & J Donald, with guest readings by Marcus Ferrar & Olivia Abittan
17 Sep 2016 Workshop Sept 17: Witnessing with Words--writing the Effective Essay
04 Sep 2016 Literary Cruise, Geneva to Morges, September 4.
11 Jun 2016 Panel: What's New in Publishing and Marketing?
21 May 2016 Journal to Story (all genres)
16 Apr 2016 Fiction Workshop
18 Mar 2016 10th Geneva Writers' Conference
20 Feb 2016 Writing Dialogue
16 Jan 2016 The Spoken Word
12 Dec 2015 December Workshop: Writing From Dreams
21 Nov 2015 November Workshop: The Line in Poetry, Purpose & Composition
17 Oct 2015 Short Fiction: October Workshop
20 Sep 2015 Workshop Sept. 20: Reading Your Own Work
19 Sep 2015 Workshop Sept 19: personal, travel and opinion essays
06 Sep 2015 Sunday Cruise at Morges' Book Festival
04 Sep 2015 Le livre sur les quais.
13 Jun 2015 GWG June Celebration
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