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This section gives details of Geneva Writers who have had books published. To view our complete list of books by GWG authors past and present, for easy reference, please click here.

The range of writing covered is broad, including fiction (novels, children’s stories), memoir, autobiography, collections of short stories, essays, poetry and non fiction.


Alice Baudat‘s first novel The Wooden Bowl is contemporary fiction in which you discover how a simple wooden bowl changes the routine life of an ordinary woman. Learn about her cookies, their secret and how it works. The Wooden Ring continues the story of Faith, Luke and the Worthforall characters. It is a whimsical tale of beauty, hope and mystery. Both books are available at your favorite bookstore.


EMILY BILMAN, has published poetry and about poetry, poets and art, self-exploration and an initiation to one’s inner perceptions. Contact Emily to order or click on the cover for the Amazon link.
JACQUELINE COOPER, born Alexandria. Cocktails and Camels, Tales From Alexandria, Scribbles, The Crazy Cat Saloon, You Never Know-Moments. Author/illustrator of four bilingual picture books: Toby And The Escalade, Kevin And The Escalade Race, William Tell, Cat Day. Member of P.E.N., and Society of Women Writers (UK). Contact her here
SARA L.M. DAVIS In the subtropical Sipsongpanna region, staged performances by Tai Lues are part of a carefully Chinese-sanctioned ethnic policy. However, behind the scenes, a different kind of cultural resurgence is taking place. Author Sara L. M. Davis reveals how Tai Lues are reviving and reinventing their culture in ways that contest the official state version. Davis weaves together the voices of monks, singers, and activists to examine issues of cultural authenticity, ethnic minority status in China, and cross-border contacts among Tai Lues in China, Thailand, Burma, and Laos.
ZEKI ERGAS‘s historical novel, Savastan Barisa (From War To Peace) – A Family Saga In The Balkans And Asia Minor In The War Years Of 1912-22 has been translated in Turkish and published by Profil Yayincilik, a major publishing house in Istanbul.
His collection of essays In Search of a Better World has been published in Budapest, and is also available at Off The Shelf bookshop in Geneva. Or contact Zeki, here, if you wish to buy a copy direct. A review of this book can be read on the web site of Share The World’s Resources.
Savastan Barisa Cover


Marcus Ferrar‘s The Budapest House: a Life Re-discovered(September 2013), is the true account of a US-raised Hungarian girl who at the age of 13, having discovered the truth of her Jewish roots, returns to Budapest where she confronts a torturer and sheds the burdens of the past to forge a new life.A Foot in Both Camps: A German Past for Better and for Worse (2012), is Marcus Ferrar’s evocative historical memoir covering 100 years of German history.  Here the author draws on personal family testimony, copious research, and personal journalistic experience to illustrate resistance within Germany to the Nazi powers.Slovenia 1945: Death and Survival after World War II (2005), co-authored by John Corsellis): A British Army betrayal of 13,000 disarmed Slovene Home Guard Soldiers is described by Marcus Ferrar in unsparing terms which depict the real life tale of murders, last minute reprieves, and new lives forged by Home Guard soldiers in Britain and the Americas.  (Also published in Slovene and Italian).


MAVIS GUINARD‘s Made in Switzerland/Petit Guide de la Suisse Insolite, features that first appeared in the International Herald Tribune, newly updated with French translation. For all curious about Swiss myths, trains, navy, cleanliness, dinosaurs, Frankenstein’s birthplace or Sherlock Holmes last hideout. At Editions Metropolis, Geneva and local bookstores.
Untethered Cover KATIE HAYOZ has published her Young Adult novel, Untethered.  Sixteen-year-old Sylvie has been best friends with Cassie forever.  Yet when the boy Sylvie has loved ever since fifth grade falls for Cassie instead, Sylvie tries by any means possible – including the dark side of astral projection – to win his love.  What Sylvie doesn’t know, is just how far this could spiral out of control. The novel, which was a finalist for the Myslexia first novel award, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Kobo. Find out more at:
Vanuatu, A Story of Respect and Unity, Abel Nako, Karin Jensen, newly published.
Seven years of travel have awakened in KARIN JENSEN the passion to share the beauty of other lands and cultures with a young audience through story telling and photography. See three books by the author on, by putting her name in the search field. For further information contact Karin at
“Looking for the Garden of Eden”, by NOEMI KITRON, has been published by as an e-book.  Geared mainly toward young adults, it has crossover appeal, especially for anyone interested in the stories of the Old Testament.
A visit from voltaire After reporting from Asia for, among others, The BBC, The Economist, Business Week and the International Herald Tribune from 1972-1992, DINAH LEE KÜNG, has written six novels, (three social comedies published as Dinah Lee Küng and three Asian-based genre mysteries published as D.L. Kung.) Her radio play, “Dear Mr. Rogge” received a commendation from the BBC World Service Playwriting Competition and the novel, “A Visit From Voltaire” was nominated for the UK’s Orange Prize for Fiction in 2003. More information is posted on


GAIL MANGOLD-VINE‘s work as a journalist is published worldwide. Her first book, Touring Geneva wine country : the only guide to Geneva’s countryside, appeared in 2004. A member of the Geneva Writers’ Group since its inception, Gail is also a member of International PEN. For more information about Gail and her work, go to cfscommunication.


JOY MANNE has published six books, among them  Family Constellations examines family as an energy field, explains how this field influences our lives, and what we can do to heal the hurt we’ve inherited through it. Conscious Breathing explains the transpersonal experiences that are so frequent and normal in Breathwork in terms of a shamanic paradigm.
MASSIMO MARINO has published three books, and a short stories collection, Stranded Love. The three books constitute the science fiction “Daimones” trilogy and have won a number of literary prizes:

  • Winner of PRG 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Award in the Sci-Fi Genre
  • Seal of Excellence in Writing by &
  • Winner of Best Science Fiction Hall of Fame 2013 – Quality Reads UK Book Club
  • Finalist in Science Fiction – National Indie Excellence Awards 2014
  • Awarded Sci-Fi novel at the 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award, Miami Book Fair

PA novels are often about cataclysmic events, survivors fending off dangers at every page, zombie attacks, aliens destroying everything for inscrutable reasons, or as a fulfillment of a religious prophecy. Daimones is nothing of the sort.The exploration of human relationships and their importance, of personalities and memories, moral and emotional issues, as well as the mechanics of everyday survival for this family, are at the heart of the tale.

Island Journeys: Exploring the Legacy of France (Alondra Press, 2008) is a collection of travel essays by PATTI MARXSEN derived from a long-standing interest in Francophone culture in its many variations.Tales from the Heart of Haiti (Educa Vision 2010) presents a collection of short fiction for which a Teacher’s Guide can be found separately at Inspired by crisis, these tales come out of a heartfelt response informed by cultural appreciation.
ALAN MCCLUSKEY has published four novels. The Reaches and The Keeper’s Daughter, are part of a contemporary fantasy series called The Storyteller’s Quest. Boy & Girl and In Search of Lost Girls are two companion novels which explore what happens when a boy wakes up in the head of a girl, in another world. For more information visit
Awake in World Final Cover DEBRA MOFFITT is the award winning author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life, Garden of Bliss, and Riviera Stories. She leads workshops on writing and creativity at the Esalen Institute, Sophia Institute and at other venues in the U.S. and Europe. She blogs for national websites and, and her essays and articles have appeared in print publications around the world. Read more at and
Railway Confessions Cover 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover Cover CAROLYN MONCEL is an American media consultant who currently lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Her third and latest book is called Railway Confessions – A Collection of Short Stories.  As passengers traveling aboard a TGV train from Paris to Geneva one summer evening, three couples casually disclose very intimate, truthful details that could potentially transform their lives either for the better or for the worst.  To learn more about her previous books, visit her website (
JIM MURDOCh From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jim Murdoch views interconnectedness between everyone and everything. He has delved into subjects including metaphysics and, yes, dragons. With his wife, Katharina, he co-authored their self-help story Wings of Change. Taking inspiration from The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecies, The Dragons and Visions series is the result. “Pursuit” is the first in the series. Jim lives with his wife in Zug, Switzerland.
SUZANNA E. NELSON works for United Nations and is a published author of two award-winning novels. Her first novel “Nightmare Along the River Nile” is set in Uganda and Sudan. It is a story about a student who was abducted by the LRA and sold into slavery. The second novel “The Helpers” is an international tale of espionage and corruption, and is set in Congo, Europe and United States.
Find out more about the books and where to get them at:
DANIELA I. NORRIS is an ex-diplomat turned writer. She has lived, worked and published short stories and articles in three continents.
The Year Spring Turned into Winter, a collection of short stories, was published in 2008. Crossing Qalandiya: Exchanges Across the Israeli-Palestinian Divide, co-authored with Shireen Anabtawi, was published in May 2010.
Daniela currently resides near Geneva, and is working on a series of political thrillers.

Austr(al)iaSYLVIA PETTER, now Vienna-based, is one of the founding members of the Geneva Writers Group. She is the author of five full-length books, The Past Present, Back Burning, Mercury Blobs, Consuming the Muse, and Geflimmer der Vergangenheit (in German). She co-edited the charity anthology, New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan and edited the German-language 2014 Short Story Conference anthology *Austr(al)ia* (Limited Edition). You can follow Sylvia’s tweets @Mblobs.

Blowing Feathers is a memoir in the voice of Karen Hansen,
It was inspired by diaries and stories written on hundreds of bits of paper found after her mother’s death in 2000. Jo Ann’s book is for sale on Amazon, and in English-Language bookshops in Switzerland. Transition is a poetry collection; a memoir in poetic form, published by Editions du Madrier, Switzerland.
 Maargir The Snake Charmer

BASHIR SAKHAWARZ’s debut novel, MAARGIR the Snake Charmer, has been published by Lead Start Publishers and has been nominated for the Man Asia Prize.

ALISTAIR SCOTT – writer and photographer – has travelled widely, from the Australian desert and ice floes of the Arctic, to the Zambian ‘bundu’. He writes articles, poems and books on photography. His latest book is a non-technical guide to Photography – part of the ‘Greatest Guides’ series.
…and would you say you are very, somewhat, somewhat not, not at all satisfied with the way your life turned out? The Three to One Rule is comical tale of two friends struggling to break away from surveys to make a better life for themselves. This debut novella by NATASHA SCOTT is available as an e-book at Amazon, iBookstore and Smashwords.
PAUL SMITH escaped to Basel from the Thames Valley in 1980. Ram, his first novel, written under the name Peter Martins, follows a crazy, hospitalised father and his herd of sick but curiously social sheep; a depressive luckless daughter; an estranged son hiding out in Switzerland…available from Paul.  The Butcher and the Ornithologist interweaves the comic, the unpredictable, the absurd, the tragic and the ordinary through four short stories, a 126 verse epic rendering of a bizarre cruise across the Black Sea to the Crimea, and a collection of poems.  
PETER ST JOHN DAWE has written eleven books. All are available as e-books (Gang Territory also as a paperback). Six of the novels,  the electronic editions of the “Gang” books, form an on-going series. Each of them contains many illustrations. For detailed information (including browsing and purchase) – as well as an interactive map of the characters’ adventures – please refer to Peter’s website. “Jenno’s Widdlington” is available as a free download.”
SOPHIA TELLEN in both Walking Into Moments and Getting Through Customs writes about the possibilities for creative transformation through change and transitions. She explores authentic life experience and hopes to inspire her readers to tell their own stories in turn. Promenades dans l’instant présent,  published by Xenia with superb color illustrations, is the French translation of Walking Into Moments  Contact:
CAROLINE THONGER is author of The Banker’s Daughter, the true story of Eva Steinthal, born in Berlin amid untold wealth at the end of the nineteenth century. She survives the First World War but barely escapes the Holocaust under Hitler’s regime. Exiled to Peru and parted from everything she once held dear, how will Eva survive on her own in an alien land?For further information and to buy the book, contact Caroline.
SUSAN TIBERGHIEN is the author of three memoirs: Looking for Gold, A Year in Jungian Analysis; Circling to the Center, Invitation to Silent Prayer;  and Footsteps, A European Album, and the bestselling One Year to a Writing Life. Her narrative essays have appeared in over twenty anthologies and numerous literary reviews. The titles of many of them are noted on her website, She is grateful to all who continue to encourage her, to her family, the GWG, the IWWG, her agent Susan Schulman, and her editor Melissa Rosati.
SHIZUE TOMODA has written Sachiko, a novel exploring the life and times of a young Japanese woman who escapes the stifling culture in Japan for a life of promise in the United States, and Posted in Colombo, a memoir/study by a former director of ILO’s Colombo office that deciphers the tragic civil war, the complex ethnic composition, and social and labour issues of vulnerable women workers in Sri Lanka – a story of pain, toils and agony, but also of light.
LIVIA VARJU was on Editorial Board of three journals, started HCR Dialogue as Editor-in-Chief. Articles, humour, poems, translations in journals, anthologies, Internet. Gold medal for poetry translations. Wrote Swissericks – humorous verses about Switzerland, edited Fraud, Waste and Abuse, about the UN. Is the representative of Universal Alliance.