Offshoots 11 was published in September 2011. Copies can be purchased at OffTheShelf in Geneva, at BooksBooksBooks in Lausanne, and at our workshops. 
Offshoots 11 – Published 2011


Some comments about previous volumes:

“Like Ovid on the shores of the Black Sea but envisioning Rome, or Jean Rhys in Paris but recalling the West Indies, writers far from their homes have written about what they have left and lost, what they will never lose, and what they see in new worlds around them. Geneva is rich with such writers, and Offshoots gives us their voices:many-tongued, many-cultured, bearing fresh visions and carrying us far”

Jane Alison
The Love-Artist
The Marriage of the Sea


“It can be said that all literature is regional. Hardy, Dickens, Faulkner are all regional writers loyal to one place. And Geneva is a place too, albeit one of cross-currents – between home and abroad, regional and international. The stories and poems that make up this collection embody that tension. They have atmosphere as Geneva has atmosphere.

Russell Celyn Jones
Soldiers and Innocents
An Interference of Light