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Full programme of the 2010 Conference, with details of tutors, individual workshops, and the Conference timetable.

5 – 7 February 2010, Bellevue, Geneva, Switzerland

Despite the frigid weather and the grey skies, the Seventh Geneva Writers’ Conference, held at Webster University, Bellevue, was another huge success.

205 writers attended – participants, committee members, instructors, and panelists – coming from 42 countries.

Congratulations and thanks have been pouring in …

“Congratulations on hosting the best conference ever. Everyone I spoke with was equally as pleased as we were.”
Charles and Clydette deGroot (Gold Patrons and participants)

“It was a very vibrant and inspiring weekend, very well organised and attended by a wonderful mix of people.”
Lorella Belli, (Literary Agent)

“Thank you once again, (and to everyone in the organizing committees) for a great conference. The comment I kept hearing was how well-organized and timely everything was handled. With such great people doing the organizing, professional panelists as well as very good people from so many different points in the world….. why wouldn’t it be a Great Conference?”
Patricia Beckham-Prout (Participant)

“Although we were busy, the timing of this conference allowed … enough free space to develop the beginnings of new relationships and collaborations. It is important for us as writers to stay in touch, to develop paths for wider networks of listening and communication. Thank you to Susan, Katie, and the team of passionate committee members who put hundreds of hours into imagining the conference and following every possible detail.”
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi (Poetry Tutor)

“I had a wonderful experience, and I’ve come back home full of new ideas to try.”
Min Ku (Participant)

“I’m still reeling from the amount of information that I learned from the different workshops and Q&A’s and I’m inspired to improve … there was an intensity that I don’t think I’ve experienced anywhere before, and yet everybody was so relaxed and forthcoming …”
Trendell Thompson (Participant)

“This was one of the best writers’ conferences I have ever attended. The participants were serious about their craft and I saw some good writing and, as importantly, I learned a great deal from my fellow instructors.”
Jane Dystel (Literary agent)

“Congratulations for an amazingly interesting and useful conference. I’ve only attended my second conference, but found this one even better than the last. I’ve also made some great contacts.”
Nick Klepper (Participant)

“It was a lovely conference, one of the best I’ve been to.”
Geeta Kothari (Fiction Tutor)

Conference Tutors

Martina Evans
Thomas E. Kennedy
Geeta Kothari

Writing for Children:
Richard Scrimger

Annette Kobak
Robert Root
Susan Tiberghien

Wallis Wilde Menozzi
John Hartley Williams

Agents, editors, publishers: 
David Applefield
Lorella Belli
Jane Dystel
Robert Stewart

Writing on the Web:
Catherine Nelson-Pollard
Alistair Scott
John Zimmer


Conference tutors and participants. From L to R: David Applefield, Thomas E. Kennedy, Robert Stewart, Janet Skeslien Charles, Susan Tiberghien
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