Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I have to do to become eligible to join the GWG?
A:  We ask that you participate in one workshop before taking membership.  Workshops are held once monthly from September through June.  Please check our current workshop schedule.

Q: Must I live in the Geneva region to be part of the group?
A: Our members not only come to us from all over the world, but may continue to be active with when the Geneva region is no longer ‘home base’. Some members return to us and give readings and do book signings – or travel quite a distance to be with us for a workshop day.

Q: If I am mainly interested in promoting my work and getting published, is this the group for me?
A: Our writers work at many levels and place varying emphasis on the importance of publication.  While we support one another in finding opportunities for growth personally and professionally, GWG members tend to greatly value the way that a writing community can make for a better life and world.

We invite you to further explore our FAQs and answers by clicking on our toolbar menus for 'Programs', 'Workshop Schedule', 'GWG Literary Prizes', and 'Offshoots'. Helpful information on these selected topics can be useful for all our members. 

We hope to answer any further questions that you may have through our regular contact addresses. Thank you!

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