GWG Literary Prizes 2015

Geneva Literary Prize 2015

The Geneva Writers Group Presents…
Judges and winners of the 2015 Literary Prize competition!


Judge: Mimi Thebo

1st Prize:       Bashir Sakhawarz

2nd Prize:      Olivia Wildenstein

3rd Prize tie:  Mackenzie Pitcairn and Bill Lloyd



Judge: Marion Winik

1st Prize:        Joy Manné

2nd Prize:       Kathy Biljleveld

3rd Prize tie!  Rayya Liebich and Thanh-Nữ Leroy



Judge: Michael Hulse

1st Prize:        Mary Pecaut

2nd Prize:       Jo Christiane Ledakis

3rd Prize:       Sue LeMesurier


With our gratitude to Liz Boquet, for organizing this year’s contest. 

Best Wishes for Your Summer Writing!”

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