Booktrope Publishing completes the "Daimones Trilogy"

  • 13 Dec 2015 10:02
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    ... and so, the trilogy is complete. A fourth novel, a YA Urban SF (Young Adult, Urban Science Fiction) novel is with beta-readers, and the editorial team in Booktrope has been created with a publicist, an editor, a proofreader, and a cover artist. Publication foreseen before Spring 2016.

    For your holiday reading, to venture into a post-apocalyptic Geneva, you may now get the "Daimones Trilogy" from bookstores (locally you need to have your bookstore to order them through the Ingram Catalogue, or from Payot), and e-retailers in the world.

    The Daimones Trilogy

    Nothing could have prepared them for the last day. Explore the future of humanity in Massimo Marino‚Äôs sci-fi "Daimones Trilogy", an apocalyptic epic Space Opera that feels like it could happen tomorrow. You may never sleep through a windstorm again. 

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