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  • 13 May 2017 07:04
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    Caroline Thonger (Administrator)

     I have two poems in Phoenix New Life Poetry in the Spring 2017 issue. 

       For a change, I wrote an article in Hungarian (with a good dictionary!) in the local journal, Ertesitö about the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 against Soviet occupation.
       Sometimes I have articles in Les Observateurs, an Internet journal published by a professor of Geneva University.  You have to type Les Observateurs in Google, and then click on Politique.  The last one was about the lies against the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbàn, financed by George Soros, who is spreading much trouble in Europe.
       I often have letters in the Tribune de Genève.
       I am an activist working for peace, human rights, the environment, and against terrorism.  
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