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 Several members of the Geneva Writers’ Group write their own blogs (online journals, otherwise known as web logs).

These can be directly accessed through the links given below.

Most of them will welcome your comments and feedback.

Olivia Abittan‘s blog conveys impressions about the writing life through various headings around a writer’s personal experience of finding your material, to the techniques of sharing it.

M. Anita Bailey‘s Fodder4Thought, was created to share thought-provoking subjects and ideas.  This first blog has a sister: Fodder4Writing! M. Anita’s writing from the heart, reflected through her life’s multi-faceted experiences, have resulted in a perspective that is warmly shared through these blogs.

On her contemporary poetry blog, https://elizabethboquet.comLiz Boquet plays with words until insights emerge.  

Anita Breland, a self-proclaimed foodie and wanderer, recounts her experiences as an expat and cultural explorer on her blog, Anita’s Feast.

In Writing Cards and LettersAngela Brett writes something each week inspired by a playing card and a letter of the alphabet.

Bob Byrd is unloading his novel in progress, one chapter every week, together with the occasional odd short story, at Byrdword’s Blog.

Catherine Doyle has recently moved from Switzerland to Italy, is renovating a neglected 200 year old stone house and is writing a memoir. She blogs about her experiences at Cath’s Cache.

Marcus Ferrar writes a blog which can be read here.

Jo Ann Hansen Rasch writes Enquiring Words from her personal web site.

In this almost-daily blogKathryn Hudson explores the spiritual side of life – that is, all of it – with a bias towards the humor in it.

The raison d’ĂȘtre of Bicontinental Boomer? Many ideas wither on the vine of inner monologue. Or become overripe, or  forgotten. So Alexa Intrator wants to pick some of the better grapes and … blog them!

Brigitte’s Blog is thoughts and musings from a Lebanese in Switzerland, by Brigitte Khair Mountain.

Massimo Marino’s blog covers various science and science fiction issues and trends, as well as contemporary publishing issues through his blog.

Alan McCluskey’s blog is a stepping stone for his short stories, photos and reviews, as well as information about progress on his latest novels.

Join Kathy Morf on her blog of travels far and near as she tells others about her experiences:

Although she thinks of herself as a Repat more than an expat, D-L Nelson’s The ExPat Writer serves as an almost daily writing warm-up exercises and a chance to share her adventures with friends and family. The only problem? When she tries to tell them something, they’ve already read about it.

Catherine Nelson-Pollard runs two blogs. In The Perpetual Expatriate she observes and comments on the country she is living in at the time. At the moment it’s French-speaking Switzerland. Her second blog, called Living in Nyon is full of information and comment on living in the town of Nyon and is geared to expatriates who have either just arrived, or are planning on moving to Nyon and the area.

Daniela Norris has extended a unique view into the unseen but very much real with her new blog Tweets from the Afterlife which is to include interviews, coverage of books, and events.

Gydle is a blog by Lausanne-based writer Mary (Knapp) Parlange about words, writing, translating, science, jelly beans, and Switzerland — not necessarily in that order.

Sylvia Petter's blog.

From writing about writing to writing about life, from Lord Byron to Bollywood, from free speech issues to her favorite authors, Jawahara Saidulla lives it all in The Writing Life.

Alistair Scott writes about the art of photography, shares serious news and irreverent gossip, and comments frankly on both his own and other peoples’ images on his personal website.

A unique and often comical perspective of N.Scott, a married expat living in Switzerland, foot-loose and childfree.

Marina Sofia is the pen name of one of our members who blogs regularly about poetry and the challenges of writing novels when you have minus 3 hours available each day. She also writes book reviews, mostly about crime fiction and literary fiction in translation.

Peter St John’s heroine, Jenno, regularly updates her blog concerning life in her village of Widdlington.”

Shizue Tomoda pursues her interest in creative writing by occasionally posting short essays on her blog.

Cindy Valera's blog, Along Came Cindy, is a bucket list-themed lifestyle blog. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Cindy talks about the 500 things she has to do before she dies.  She shares exclusive insider tips, relevant recommendations and legitimate reviews about her bucket list to help her supporters and followers in their planning for their next adventure.

In her blog, Mariana Villas-Boas’s shift from the world of law to a life of letters is recounted through European journeys that find her traveling deeper into the world of words.

Roderick Vincent’s new blog contains poetry, essays, and musings, with a particular focus on fictional craft.

John Zimmer writes about the world of public speaking. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that all the great speakers were bad speakers at first. In his blog, Manner of Speaking, John provides entertaining tips on, and insights into, improving your public speaking and presentation skills.

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