Workshops and Masterclasses

The Geneva Writers’ Group holds monthly writing workshops and Masterclasses from September through until June.
N.B. There are no workshops in July or August.

2019-20 Workshop Schedule



In addition to the monthly workshops, the Geneva Writers’ Group runs a project to help writers who wish to work with a mentor.

The Group has a list of past instructors who are excellent mentors and are willing to take on students.

Contact us for more.


Small Writing Groups

The GWG supports our members in forming small writing groups to help one another with ideas, feedback, and encouragement.  For more information about which small writing groups are accepting new members. Contact us for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m very interested in joining a small writing group. Are there many of these ? How are they composed ?

A: While monthly workshop are the backbone of our larger group, members of small writing groups lend ongoing encouragement to one another. We have groups that meet anywhere between the Geneva and the Lausanne regions. Groups may have different areas of focus (ie. novels), but a writer in any small group may work in any form of writing.

Q: There are afternoon critiquing sessions that follow the main workshops. How are these different than the small writing groups ?

A: The afternoon critiquing varies each time as to who participates (and is not related to the morning workshop theme). Writers who submit for these sessions are expected to bring an adequate number of copies of their work, and to read their work aloud. The sessions offer a wider range of feedback, and often, fresh levels of insight.

Q: If I am looking for a mentor, how can I be paired with the right one?

A: The GWG makes it possible for mentors and those members who are ready for the service to be in contact and come to terms through their own private arrangement. Mentors and writers in need of this service must determine for themselves if they are well suited to one another.

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