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Writing Workshop for Teens Started with a Cheer

09 Feb 2016 14:05 | Deleted user

It’s not easy to get teenagers out of bed before 10 a.m. at the weekend, but on Saturday 6th February, we had the great pleasure of welcoming around 20 young writers at the first GWG Writing Workshop for Teens in Geneva. What’s more, they were wide-awake, cheery and full of bright ideas!

The theme of the session was ‘Where Do Ideas Come From?’.  Author and teacher Nicholas Grey  instantly got the young people talking, discussing, walking around the room to get to know each other, sharing ideas and building upon them, playing around with ‘What If’ scenarios and much more.  He also brought in some objects and invited the participants to create a story about one of them.

Some feedback from the participants and their parents:

‘My kids were thrilled. Thank you for organising this!’

‘Can we have something like this every week?’

‘It was very sociable and fun. People had such good ideas, it made my own ideas so much better.’

‘I don’t like writing essays, but this wasn’t like classwork at all. It was really helpful and fun.’

‘Both my kids - 11 and 13 - were blown away by the teenagers writers workshop on Saturday - after a complete lack of enthusiasm on the way there. They were positively buzzing when they came out and they don't often agree on anything.’

Thank you to the Wall Street English for being such gracious hosts. Thank you to Nicholas Grey for the inspiration and to Rosalind Yarde-Jumbe for pulling it all together.

We will be holding a session a month until June. The next session will be on Saturday 5th March from 10-11:15 at Wall Street English, Rue Michel Roset 2, 1201 Geneva. Places are limited, so we would ask everyone to pre-register (even if you have attended the first session) on gwg.workshops@gmail.com, with ‘Teen workshop’ in the subject line.

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